Lost Arrow Archers of Casper Wyoming is a Not-for-Profit Recreational Archery Club. Our Club’s primary goal and purpose is to provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to gather in the Sport of Archery, and to promote the sport of Target archery, 3-d Archery, as well as bow hunting in Central Wyoming. We WELCOME and encourage all Archers and non-archers to join with us, and participate in making our club a social and family oriented partner in Central Wyoming.   Lost Arrow Archers schedules several 3-D archery tournaments every Year, including a Triple Crown Event. In the summer a weekend Hunting/Competition event is scheduled on top of Casper Mountain at the Natrona County Archery Range. During the long winter Months we have archery league where everyone is invited to compete against one another or just come on out and get together and practice the sport of Archery.

One of the purposes of Lost Arrow Archers is to provide bow hunters, both experienced and new, with the basic fundamentals of good, safe bow hunting while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the sport. The immediate objective is to instill in all bow hunters a responsible attitude and to adopt and follow acceptable behavior towards people, wildlife and the environment in which they hunt. 

Lost Arrow Archers Constitution 

   LAA 3D Event / Tournament Rules

        1.  To extend target life please limit bow speed to 300 FPS. 

        2.  Archers who intend to shoot two lines must shoot their triple crown score first. Failure to follow 
              this rule will result in disqualification.
        3.  Archers are only allowed to compete in one bow classification.  You may shoot in different 
             divisions for fun only.
        4.  Triple crown shooters may shoot in any one of the three lines to qualify for bracketed payouts.
        5.  To shoot as a group you must register as a group. Limit 4 archers per shooting lane.
        6.  Field tips only.
        7.  Indoor ranges will be marked. Archers will have the option to view marked range.
        8.  Fun shoot participants will not be eligible for triple crown awards.
        9.  There must be three participants in a division before a triple crown award will be given.
       10.  Cubs and Pee Wee’s will shoot only 20 targets in the family shoot line.
       11.  No illegal drugs or alcohol is allowed.

       12.  Flighted Shooters will shoot Saturday Morning with their flighted group at the 3rd Leg of the  3D Triple Crown.


       1.  Any Sight
       2.  Any type of release aide,  
       3.  Any stabilizer, and combination of counter balance rods and weights.
       4.  No portion of the bow or attachments contact any part of the body except that natural  and normal grip area of the bow.                                                                                                                  
       5.  All scopes and peeps with magnification, and sights that are adjusted with each shot.
       6.  Draw weight cannot be adjusted once the official round has started

 Bowhunter Freestyle:

       1.  A maximum of 7 fixed reference points or sight pins. A vertical line running through the 
            sight guard is allowable. Peep sights and kisser buttons are allowed, but cannot be moved once the official round has started.
       2.  Release aides, as described in paragraph 2 under the Open/Freestyle class shall be allowed.
       3.  Draw weight cannot be adjusted once the official round has begun, until after the round has ended.
       4.  No adjustments to the bow or any of it’s attachments may be made during an official round unless equipment failure occurs.
       5.  Stabilizers may not extend more than 12 inches total length forward from the point
            where the stabilizer mounts to the bow riser. Back weights, counter balances, and v-bars 
            are allowed and have no 
length restriction.

 Bowhunter Freestyle Limited:

         1.  Same as Bowhunter Freestyle, except:
         a.  Mechanical release aides are not permitted, and the shooter is limited to the use of one
          or more fingers to grip and release the bowstring. Gloves and tabs are allowed.  


      1.  Recurve and longbows only.
      2.  No device, including the arrow rest, can be used for a sighting aide.
      3.  Only the arrow rest can appear in the bow’s sight window.
      4.  Clickers and draw checking devices are not allowed.
      5.  Gloves, tabs, or bar fingers are the only allowable release aides.
      6.  One stabilizer with a total length under 12 inches is allowed.


     1.  No sights or releases.


     1.  Open to shooters this year at the out door events.  Will not be broken into classes.

​   Age Classifications

         Pee Wee:          up to 9 years

        Cub:                 9-11 years

        Youth:             12-14  years

        Young Adult:  15-17 years

        Adult               18+

        Senior              55+      Will be broken into Men’s - Women’s, sights or no sights, release  - no release.

         Maximum Distances:

        Pee Wee          (all styles)       aprox.   15 yds.

        Cub                 (all styles)       aprox    25 yds.

        Youth              (all styles)       aprox    35 yds.

        Young adult    (all styles)       aprox.   50 yds.

         Distances for each age group apply to competitive outdoor shoots only.

        Shooting positions:
        Foot must be within 6 inches of the flag or stake, unless designated as a kneeling shot.



        All 3-D targets will be scored as follows:

             Center ring in the vital scoring area:                           12 pts.

             Larger vital scoring ring:                                                10 pts.

             Largest ring:                                                                         8 pts.

             Any arrow in the target:                                                    5 pts.

             Any arrow missing target:                                                0 pts.

             Robinhood rule:    arrow shall be scored the same as the other arrow.

        Any arrow touching the higher scoring line will be scored as the higher score. The arrow must be 
        touching the scoring line, without manipulation of the arrow, in order to count as the higher score.
        All arrows must remain in the target until scored.


   Score Keeping:

        1.  Triple Crown will be scored on 2 score cards, kept by different shooters in the group. If there is a 
             discrepancy between the two, the lower score will be the official score.

        2.  Ties will be decided by the number of 12’s. If still tied  the number of 10’s, and so on

 Shooter’s Conduct:

        1.  No alcohol or drugs.

        2.  Please refrain from swearing. These are family events.

        3.  All Spectators need to stay behind the shooting line, and on the marked trails outdoors.

        4.  Pack it in Pack it out. Keep your trash with you until you find a trash can.

 Equipment Failure:

        You will be allowed 15 minutes. to fix it, with exceptions on the outdoor courses.
 Lost arrows:

        If you miss a target please leave a person at the target while you are looking for the arrow.

 Other information:

       1.  To accommodate more archers we will have a 40 stake line with 4 archers per line.
       2.  Cash awards will not be distributed at the shoot. They will be mailed out after the scores are
            accounted for and posted on the website.